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Discover the magicity of Lindos!

Lindos is a medieval village, one of the three ancient Dorian cities on the beautiful island of Rhodes in Greece. It is situated on the east coast, 50 km outside the capital of the island (Rhodes Town). Lindos village is a very popular tourist and holiday destination. That’s why, during summertime, it’s very busy. Also, visitors find this place the most impressive archaeological site of the island of Rhodes. Above the village rises the acropolis of Lindos. The view is fantastic! Other popular monuments are Kleovoulos’ Tomb, the Archokrateio, the Greek Orthodox church in the heart of Lindos village “Panagia Katholiki” and Saint Paul bay. Walking on the labyrinth streets of the village, the houses of Lindos impress the visitor with their traditional architecture and decoration. Also, the beach is a great choice for every guest in Lindos!